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A creative approach to branding and strategic planning for dream-big businesses

There is no substitute for a well-thought-out strategy. Businesses often fail in today’s turbulent marketing environment because they are constantly chasing the “next big thing” or technology. The Limitless is a unique organization with both creative and analytical expertise that understands how to leverage new technology and apply it to high-level corporate strategy to achieve success.

There also is no magic bullet for achieving success with marketing. It is a methodical well thought out process. That is why we follow the SOSTAC method, which involves clear strategic planning, goal setting, and optimization efforts to build a winning marketing strategy.

The SOSTAC Approach is a marketing success model developed in the 1990s by strategic marketing communications expert PR Smith. It is an extension of the SWOT analysis involving 5 key components. Each component interrelates with all the others to deliver a cohesive roadmap to success. In each step, the goal is to answer the following questions:


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Our brand & strategic planning services include

SOSTAC Analysis

We work with your organization to set up a winning SOSTAC plan for the quarter, year, or event your are planning. You’ll leave with 20+ page report filled with a formula for marketing success.

Graphic Design Services

Print material, business cards, creative, presentations, booths, menus, and more designed to embody your brand essence.


We’ll work closely with you to help you develop a name for you business idea that is not only catchy and fit for a strong brand, but is also identified to be friendly for fast search engine visibility.

Brand Guidelines/Style

Feel like you know your brand but nobody on your team can exactly put it on paper the same way you can? We’ll work with you to develop a strict brand guidelines for you organization accompanied by photo/video style-guides.

Market Research

Have a product idea and not sure if it’s ready for market? We’ll work with you to develop surveys, investigate your designated market area, and build a market research report to help you launch.

Experiential/Experimental Marketing

Wanting to do something really creative? We’ll work with your organization and develop a plan to create a unique marketing spectacle/installation that will make a serious impact.


Bolster your business with a winning strategic marketing plan behind it

Quick Turnaround

Limitless Design & Marketing provides a very quick turnaround on your requested service. Our team also offers rush deliveries if needed.provides your team access to cross-channel marketing dashboards that show you where every fils of your marketing spend is going.


All endeavors we take on incorporate big-data and analytical setups to provide insights and measure success of our work together.

Conversion Focused

As marketers, we approach web projects like we would a piece of advertising creative. We ensure that everything we do is geared towards producing revenue for you business, not just spectacle.

Boutique & Flexible

Our business is lean in structure to ensure that we stay ahead of the curve which means that if something new is launched and you want to try it, we can implement change quickly!

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Working in Office

Olga and her team are knowledgeable, helpful, and excellent at providing her clients exactly what they need. Highly recommend.



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